Susanne: Revealing Images of a Virtuous WomanThe World’s first Susanna exhibition at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum

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Dear ArtTalkers,

In the last ArtTalks newsletters, I relayed a short version of the biblical legend of Susanna with the “crime story” elements🔍. Here a recap:

Two influential judges spy on Susanna while she’s bathing. They try to force the young, married mother into sexual submission by threatening to expose her as an adulteress. Susanna refuses to give in to their demands.

She is accused of adultery and brought to trial. The prophet Daniel takes up her defense, demonstrates her innocence, and exposes the lies of the old men through his brilliant interrogation. This is the narrative in a nutshell.

The Wallraff presentation shows that the abuse of power and sexualized violence have been depicted in western paintings for centuries. This special exhibition at the Wallraf demonstrates this with first-class works lent from international museums – from classical greats to contemporary artists. The visual Susanna “thread” traces different interpretations of the biblical narrative, stylistic preferences, changing art market demand, and the artistic discourses that ignited around the Susanna theme. A fascinating kaleidoscope!

Here is the link to Museum Wallraf-Richartz’s website with more information.

This exhibition requires me to guide you with headphones. We have a time slot. Please come early to get your headset, store your large bags and get your free Köln ticket from the service desk. Our ArtTalk discussions can take place afterward. Hope you can plan time for this 😊

Won’t you join us to look, think and engage with great art?

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