Nil YalterRetrospective in Museum Ludwig

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It is kind of difficult for Central Europeans to get access to Nil Yalter’s oeuvre (and she is an artist I haven’t heard of before). Mind you, we have had much more understanding for “mainstream” exhibitions at the Musuem Ludwig, like David Hockney, Joan Mitchell or Gabriele Münter.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to dive into this socially critical, feminist and cross-culture work of Nil Yalter – and Karla helped us a lot to get to grips with the challenging mixture of video art, installations and Nil Yalter’s special way of highlighting conflicts and problems of people on the move or “between the doors”.

At times in which we discuss world-wide migration (mainly in terms of how to reduce it) it is good to have a closer look at the problems of people in exile, in refugee camps and prisons. Karla knows her audience and gives us guidance, at the same time “pestering” us with questions that nudge us to think on our own – much better than boring lectures given by museum guides!

Thanks, Karla!


Fritz Brandes