Guest Blog postBy Ursula Roth

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Isamu Noguchi ArtTalk on June 2nd, 2022

Without any knowledge about the artist Isamu Noguchi, I attended the June ArtTalk. After a short while, I was impressed by his skills in working with all kinds of materials like e.g. wood, stone, marble, steel, and granite.

The smoothness of his objects tempts us to touch the sculptures! But as we heard, you must careful because an acoustic signal reminds you to step back.


But there are exceptions: you can even sit on one of the sculptures!


The variety in his art is exceptional as is his approach and integration of intercultural aspects.

He designed also furniture and created stage sets.



Karla has picked out art works of significance. She encouraged us to look at them from all angles. Sometimes the objects seem to move.

The evening ended – as usual – with a drink in the museum café with a lively discussion about all we have seen.

Cologne, June 7th, 2022