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ArtTalks Coaching Resilience

We covered much ground in both the AM and PM Talks. Bouncing our ideas on grit and resiliency off of outstanding art of Lee Krasner, On Kawara, Paul Thek, Eva Hesse, Teresa Burga, Jasper Johns and Jeanne Claude and Christo …

It is pure delight to have such enthusiastic 😄and participative ArtTalkers!

Below please find links and references that we spoke about:

Here a comment sent to me by a 🤗happy ArtTalker;

“this is just to say thank you again for such an enriching evening!”

Thank you all for your ideas and joining the community of those who find inspiration in art!

Artful wishes

Save the date: Thursday November 3 next ArtTalk

Thanks again Anke 😍for the wonderful pictures. You’ll find these on the site under “More Impressions”.