Susanna Exhibition in the Wallraf with 👉🏻💐 3 EncoresGuest Blog post by👏🏻 Christof Kellerwessel

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Dear ArtTalkers

ArtTalks visited the world’s first exhibition on the biblical Susanna in art in the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum on 02.02. With a wide scope of international art pieces, the show focuses on how sexualized violence has been negotiated in western art for centuries. It links historical narratives to the now with the #MeToo movement.

The “Susanna Exhibition” in Cologne’s Wallraf Richartz’s Museum is a magnet for many visitors.

It shows amazing paintings and sculptures based on the biblical scene of Suzanna.

I was blown away by the actuality of the topic with connections to “#me too” and by the variety of the “Susanna and the Elders” interpretations.

I enjoyed the guided tour and the lively mood of the group despite the seriousness of the subject. There were interactive dialogues despite the headphones and at least 3 encores - more pictures explained – all of which closed out this round of the morning Arttalk.

Karla’s thorough work of preparation was both, impressive and eye-opening. Looking forward to the next one!

Thank you, Christof, for your insights.

Here a TV tip from Claudia Hillebrand:

Reschke Fernsehen, Macht und Sexismus – it’s a Match

Show mit Anja Reschke, in der ARD-Mediathek kommt das als Top Tip Nr. 8

One more tip: the movie „She Said“ on uncovering the Harry Weinstein scandal is playing in Köln at the cinema Rex am Ring. An excellent and compelling film.


The next ArtTalks will take place on 1. Thursday in April, April 6, this time in Museum Ludwig. Topic to be announced

Looking forward to welcoming you ArtTalkers for more great art, some learning and engaging fun conversations.

Artful wishes,