Guest ArtTalk blog post by Ulrike StockKasper König’s Donation to Museum Ludwig

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Our first ArtTalk in 2024 was about Kasper König’s donation to „his“ museum – and it was inspiring and full of interesting information as always.

We learned a lot thanks to Karla!

We looked mainly at objects of non-art and conceptual art. I think these kinds of art need (more than other kinds of art) Karla’s introduction and background information to be really enjoyed.

The exhibition impressed me with the composition of so many works from very different artists, all with a relation to Kasper König at some point in his life.

Most objects are „old“ (50 years or more) and yet seem very much contemporary!

I thought of Banksy and I imagine some of the artists would have (had) fun with some of his works…..

Remarkable is the specially created wallpaper for the show!

I really enjoyed our ArtTalk visit to Mr König’s collection and the #1 Best Take Away as well …!😊