Piet Mondrian

ArtTalk 07.03.2008, 6.30 pm

Piet Mondrian (2) – The Extremist: Who´s afraid of red, yellow and blue?

Museum Ludwig Köln

Piet Mondrian, an important and influential painter of the 20th century, began his career as an ordinary landscape painter. He experimented with many artistic styles but ultimately reduced natural forms to their basic essentials – that is vertical and horizontals lines or the grid structure. Mondrian, together with other artists of the „De Stijl“ movement, sought to express a new utopian ideal of spiritual harmony and order. He fled Europe in 1940, set up a studio in New York city but completed only four paintings before dying four years later of pneumonia.

Museum Ludwig is showing until March 30th a fascinating overview of 80 paintings and drawing highlighting his development from Mondrian´s early impressionistic works to pure abstraction. In Mondrian part 2, we´ll look first at this special exhibition then move on to the museum´s permanent collection and find examples of Mondrian´s significant influence on other modern painters.
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