Utopian Visions

ArtTalk 06.06.2008, 6.30 pm

Köln Progressiv – Artists with a Utopian Vision

Museum Ludwig

Cologne artists shift to the left…

Politically motivated art made-in-Cologne in the 1920´s – and later declared „degenerate“- is the focus of this novel show in Museum Ludwig. We´ll look at how these 3 main artists, loosely bound together by ideology and  visual ideas, generated such high quality artistic output. Not only colorful oil paintings but prints, wood cuts, journals, reliefs, and work with oil crayon are presented in the first show of Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, Heinrich Hoerle and Gernd Arntz in more than 30 years.  We´ll add a provocative florish by viewing a newly acquired video work by the young Isreali artist Boaz Kaizman.