David Hockney—a bigger picture

On Thursday, the 6th of December, a group of 10 enthusiastic ArtTalkers under the guidance and art literacy of Karla, had the chance to see and experience the ‘David Hockney—a bigger picture’ exhibit at Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

The exhibit consists of David Hockney’s works created during his time in Yorkshire. It includes oil paintings, sketches, charcoal rendering, watercolors, screen paintings (aided by iPads and iPhones) and a new and unique filming technique—on the all too familiar topic of landscapes. Hockney’s vivid use of colors and scale dramatizes the English countryside, especially when the same perspective is applied to four different seasons of the year. His ability to reinvent himself with different modern tools and techniques provide a fresh view to landscape images. The artist’s mastery of depth of field, his love for trees and light are evident in every image in this exhibition—taking his exhibition to a completely new artistic territory.

Thanks to Karla for making this ArtTalk on one of the most celebrated painters of our times—informative, interactive and interesting.