ArtTalk Special Nr. 2Andy Stories

Hi Everybody,

A while back I sent you a ArtTalk micro-newsletter. There I proposed to send some occasional posts and information about Andy Warhol. The Warhol show is coming from the Londoner Tate Modern and is due to open in Cologne at the Museum Ludwig in December! 🙌

Check out Museum Ludwig’s page here to get a general introduction to Andy Warhol’s art.

The show is called: Andy Warhol Now

Here are the dates: Museum Ludwig 12/12/2020 – 4/18/2021

Right now, Covid-19 conditions allow for 10 arttalkers at a time, in a single ArtTalk. Or course, we all have to wear masks. This will be quite limiting for interaction.😷 🤐I’m keeping my hopes up that it might be different in 2021. What do you think?


Today’s Andy story is an excerpt from an interview (1973) with the famous American writer Truman Capote and the Rolling Stones magazine. Below the editor of the magazine here, JW, is talking with TC (Truman Capote) at his home in Palm Springs about his experiences with Andy.


“JW: When did you first meet Andy Warhol?TC: I don’t remember it. He used to write me these letters all the time. They were just admiring letters. He liked my work, etc.

JW: Did you take any note?

TC: Well, I got so many of them, of course I remember them.

JW: What? Every day?

TC: Yes. For quite a long time. He used to send me lots of pictures and drawings and things. But I don’t remember when we first met. I don’t have any clear visual memory of it at all. I do remember him sitting in my living room the first time I saw him, and him telling me about his mother and how he lived with his mother downtown and they had 28 cats and he seemed a very shy, pale person, rather like he is today. Only much shyer. That’s my first memory of him. I can see him in the room sitting on this pink couch, but I don’t remember how he got there. [laughs].

He started calling me everyday after that. He’d tell me what was happening to him, his troubles, his mother and about all those cats. I didn’t want to be un-nice or anything so I put up with it. Once he called and my mother who was a bit drunk at the time told him to stop calling.

I didn’t hear from him or about him for a while until suddenly one day D.D. Ryan bought a gold shoe Andy had dedicated to me in a show and sent it to me as a Christmas present. I didn’t know at that time that he wanted to be a painter or an artist. As far, as I knew he was a window decorator.

Then he started sending me pictures, including a portrait of me that if you look at you can tell I didn’t sit for him.

I think, looking back, that at a very early age he had decided what it was he wanted: fame, that is to be a famous person.”

Arttalk news:

Do any of you live in Sülz? INsülz the Stadtteilmagazin asked me for a mini-interview about the ArtTalks. Check this out - Here it is on page 14, with a really dated picture of me with short hair and fewer wrinkles! Are any of you in the picture??


Enjoy the late summer days!😎

I truly look forward to meeting you again in person and finding inspiration 💥together in art.

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