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Dear ArtTalk Community,

It’s me, Karla – your ArtTalking enthusiast 😉 I’m here to share another exciting opportunity for you to dive into the world of contemporary art! 🎨

But wait, if you missed the Photography Show last time, don’t worry! Here’s a quick recap, complete with a comment from Gisela and some fantastic photos by Anke (thank you so both so much! 🤩 👍🏻).

Did you know that museums have oodles of art stored away in depots? 🏛️ Even Museum Ludwig can only display a tiny fraction of its vast collection. Museums have a nifty routine of rotating paintings and rearranging sculptures and art pieces to keep things fresh and interesting.

Here in Cologne, the basement of Museum Ludwig undergoes a transformation every two years. Artworks make their way back to the depot, making space for new selections to take the spotlight. The mind behind this curated space is none other than Barbara Engelbach (from our last ArtTalk), one of the museum’s talented curators. 🎨 This time, Barbara has orchestrated an exciting showcase, presenting diverse artwork from the museum’s contemporary art collection.

The theme of this brand-new presentation is time ⏱️, a concept that’s always intriguing and ever flowing.

One of the major works of art chosen for this update is Haegue Yang’s compelling installation, “Mountains of Encounter”, (2008). 🏔️ Drawing from her roots and life experiences, Haegue Yang, born in Seoul, South Korea in 1971, has woven an intricate tapestry of cultural influences and artistic expressions into her installation. Her work is an impressive blend of industrial objects, natural elements, and everyday items, all ingeniously combined.

In my upcoming newsletters, get ready for more on other featured artists in the Museum’s gallery presentation! 💌 And speaking of featured artists, don’t miss the chance to experience the art created by Cologne’s very own Petra Deus 🎭 in an extraordinary setting*

Hope I’ve managed to pique your curiosity! Can’t wait to see you on September 7th at the Museum Ludwig! 😎🎉

Artfully 🎨 yours,
Karla Schlaepfer

ArtTalk Recommendation

*Petra Deus’s exhibition entitled “Way” will be held in the early Gothic chapel of St. Mary Magdalene and Lazarus, on the Aachener Strasse, Melatin. Once a hospital chapel for lepers and later in the 18th century a cemetery chapel. Petra Deus’s “Way” work reflects local history and addresses the universal human journey through life. She uses textile objects in her unique style to explore challenging topics. During the closing performance on 17.09.23, she aims to engage with visitors, to foster a sense of human connection and understanding.


Session 1: 07.09.2023, 10:15 o’clock (Register here via email)
Session 2: 07.09.2023, 18:30 o’clock (Register here via email)

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