Collector’s Dreams at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum 🏛️Glorious Moments in Netherlandish Baroque 🎨🌟

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Dear ArtTalker Community,

Excited to offer us all a contrast program! 🥳

I’m pleased to invite you to our next ArtTalk session on Thursday, March 07. 🎨

Join me, Karla, for a special journey into “Collector’s Dreams” – an exclusive peek into a private collection. Who the collector is remains a mystery 🤔, but we do know that the collection has been lovingly and passionately curated since the 1970s.

This treasure trove of Dutch Baroque art is set to become a part of the Wallraf Richartz Museum’s permanent collection after this show ends. 🖼️

We’ll dive into the splendid world of the Dutch Golden Age, discovering the intricate beauty in works by Jan Jacob van Ruisdael, the lively scenes of Brueghel the Elder 🌬️❄️, and Gerrit Dou’s intimate candle-lit interiors. The collection, a blend of magnificent still lifes, expansive landscapes, and vivacious genre paintings, is a testament to the era’s joy in narrative and technical brilliance. 🌸🕯️

The meticulous rendering of textures and the vivid play of light in Dutch Baroque art brings these paintings to life. We’ll marvel at the realistic details, from the sheen of silk to the translucency of glass, that these master artists captured in the context of extraordinary historical times.

Looking forward to sharing this enriching experience of beautiful art with you. 🤗

Artfully yours,
Karla Schlaepfer M.A.

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Session 1: 07.03.2023, 10:30 o’clock (Register here via email)
Session 2: 07.03.2023, 18:30 o’clock (Register here via email)

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WALLRAF-RICHARTZ-MUSEUM & FONDATION CORBOUD, Obenmarspforten next to Cologne Townhall,50667 Köln


Regular ArtTalk 25€; Kids/Students 7€; KölnTag: 1st Thursday monthly, explore museums free with Cologne ID. Non-Kölners museum entrance from 17 Uhr: 7€💰

Please transfer the ArtTalk fee with your registration a week before the ArtTalk. If you pay and cannot attend due to illness, let me know *before* the date where I can transfer your money back to you.

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📍 Meet in the central foyer, near the back wall 🌐10 minutes before start time. Large bags (bigger than A4) need to be checked. Any questions? Feel free to contact me, Karla Schlaepfer: 😊