Testimonials about my ArtTalks

Dear Karla,

thank you so much for your brilliant guidance through the latest exhibition at Wallraf Richartz Museum. You literally drew us „Inside Rembrandt“, his masterpieces, his life and the circumstances of his times.

It’s always a great pleasure to attend your superbly-prepared guided tours, all of which held with fun and deep knowledge. I’m already looking forward to your next Art Talk.

Sandra Heinemann

Don´t miss this one! ArtTalks by Karla on “Secrets of the Painters—Cologne in the Middle Ages”.

Karla guides us through this special exhibition as it gives us singular insights on how painting worked in the Middle Ages. Fascinating new findings on how paintings were produced, how a team of different craftsmen and specialists worked together on different materials - no easy feat back then. And it is about Cologne, the metropolis in Europa in those days in culture and religion. The city YOU live in or near by or you enjoying as a visitor …

And we have Karla as an expert guide. From a personal experience -attending her ArtTalks on a regular basis - I can say that Karla´s ArtTalks are phenomenal and uplifting. She took me again on a special journey, this time to the past diving into a long gone world which has an enormous impact on art today! I forget about time and duties. I enjoyed. We traveled through this exhibition again keeping our minds, eyes, ears open—interactive!

I always learn a lot which motivates me. I try to never miss an ArtTalk. I am already looking forward to the next ArtTalk on December 5th, 2013. Joint the group!

Susanne Flimm, Executive Director of the German-American Lawyers’ Association

Liebe Karla, ich möchte dir nochmal ein herzliches Dankeschön für das wirklich besondere Erlebnis letzten Donnerstag schicken. Es beschäftigt mich nachhaltig, denn es hat seltsamer Weise einiges in mir ausgelöst. Danke für dieses wertvolle Geschenk! Auf jeden Fall tat es mir sehr gut, war „Schwarzbrot“ für den Geist und „Streicheleinheit“ für die Seele. Du machst das großartig! Bestimmt komme ich mal wieder! Ich hoffe, dir geht es gut ... sei ganz lieb gegrüßt.

Beate P.

Hallo Karla,

Vielen Dank noch mal für die sehr schöne Veranstaltung im Ludwig!

Toll vorbereitet, interessante Auswahl, war wirklich klasse, auch die Reaktionen der anderen zu beobachten ; )

Gerne wieder und auch gerne mit Newsletter ; )

Viele Grüße
M. H.


Thanks for today’s art-talk – amazing how many facts you had collected and how many discussions you were able to arouse about these photos.

11/16 Fritz Brandes

Thanks for an interesting inside into abstract art. I always love your way of talking about art no matter what kind of art it is!

Barbara Kowal 1/16

Must say, yesterday’s event was at the top end of my expectations. I really enjoyed it, learned a great deal, and look forward to becoming a regular attendee. Shame it isn’t monthly!

Ian Slater 1/16

Thanks for an excellent performance this morning! I realize that you give a lot of thought to the way how to present art and an artist, including interactive methods.

1/16 Fritz Brandes

Hi Karla! I really enjoyed your ArtTalk again today. I know so little about art but love learning about Artists and Art Movements from you! You just make it all so super interesting! Even when I decide I am not mad about the artists art (like with Danh Voh sp??), I like learning about the artist and their lives and motivations etc. Everyone I have brought along so far is very enthusiastic too and want to keep coming! I will keep spreading the word – it is lovely to share something that is so well done with others who also enjoy art and learning – it’s also a great excuse to meet up with friends!

Looking forward to your next ArtTalk already!

Oonagh Sweeney

Art Talks is an amazing way to experience art. Museum exhibits can be daunting at times with so much information to absorb, so it is such a pleasure to have the benefit of Karla’s knowledge and research. Her expertise allows you to focus on the jewels of the exhibits, so as not to become overwhelmed, and the interactive format of the program allows you to retain what you have learned and meaningfully reflect on the pieces you see. I highly recommend Art Talks to everyone because it allows you to explore art in such a personable, fun and rewarding way.

Blog text from Mary Welsch-Lehmann

Thank you for all the work you put into the talks which are always informative and fun to take part in.

Irene Gower

The Chinese Bridge is still on my mind—or in my eye?—since your inspiring talk was a revelation. Thank you so much! I enjoyed your talk so much. Thank you once again and best wishes.

Prof. Dr. Bärbel Diehr, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Dear Karla,

Thanks for a really interesting talk today – you gave us a lot to think about and some background information about some of the photographers that I didn’t know. I’m looking forward to doing the exhibition again with A. soon.

All the best and hope to see you again soon,


Dear Karla,

Thank you very much for the interesting and thrilling tour through the exhibition: I really enjoyed it and realized that I really missed this. And Barbara said that you only occasionally do Art Talks nowadays, so I consider myself lucky I took the chance and attending last night!

Anyway: it was a pleasure seeing you and I will certainly join the Art Talks more often from now on.

Have a great weekend and all the best,


I thoroughly enjoyed my first Art Talk yesterday at Museum Ludwig and look forward to attending many more!

Annie Wishnousky

Testimonials about my Coachings

Das individuelle und professionelle Englisch Coaching von Frau Karla Schlaepfer hat es mir in kürzester Zeit ermöglicht meine Academic Writing Skills, für mein MBA Studium, sehr erfolgreich weiter auszubauen und zu festigen. Frau Schlaepfer versteht es individuell auf Kundenwünsche einzugehen und vermittelt neben der Theorie auch viele interessante Ansätze zu den Themen Lernen, kreatives Denken und Konzentration.

Michael Imiolczyk, Abteilungsleiter, Anwendungsentwicklung

I would like to thank you again for the Confident Presentation training. It is a very well-structured and customized training, which offers a theoretical background on the art of presentation. With this training program, I improved a lot in effective opening and interaction with audience.

Dr. Ing. Chen Jin, Bayer Material Science

Karla Schlaepfer-Karst provides a highly professional and efficient English language coaching. She offers far more than just English lessons – she puts a lot of effort into providing background information and adjusting the curriculum in the most appropriate way to support the interests and needs of her clients. Through this individual approach Karla, has helped me very effectively to prepare for several scientific presentations and panel discussions held at international conferences.

Dagmar Wiebusch, executive managing director at IZMF (Informationszentrum Mobilfunk)

Meine Klasse und ich waren sehr begeistert von dem Workshop »Let’s talk about Art«. Sie hat das wirklich toll gemacht, und ich kann den Workshop auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen. Frau Schlaepfer-Karst ist super mit meiner recht lebhaften 8. Klasse umgegangen und konnte das Interesse der Schüler für moderne Kunst gut wecken.

Cornelia Dieckmann, Klassenlehrerin

Dear Karla,

I’ve been thinking about our last coaching meeting. There are so many things that move me right now. I feel excited, close to finding answers to my questions … I’m really surprised how fast the meetings with you helped me move forward with my life here …