ArtTalk Roni Horn and ParadoxHighlights of great solo show; plus ArtTalk September

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Dear ArtTalkers,

Roni Horn’s show was a delightful surprise! 🎨 Her artwork lingers with you long after leaving the exhibition. From the delicate intimacy of her soft pigment drawings to the grand scale of cut and reassembled “mapping” pieces—often doubled and adorned with the artist’s penciled scribbles—Horn presents contradictions that challenge us.

The spirit of water and Iceland permeates many of her works, including the Thames photography and video pieces, and is especially evident in her glass sculptures. The illusion is flawless. The hard glass rounds beckon us to ponder: Is this water flowing to the edge? Or is it a mirror, reflecting and absorbing natural light? Can we touch it to be sure?

But fear not! If you didn’t join the AT, you can draw your own conclusions by having a look at the ArtTalk images above🪞and here, thank you, Anke!

Roni Horn herself retorts that her gender is nobody’s business, but for other artists, it is existential.

Recently, I visited the Maestras exhibition at the Arp Museum in Rolandseck, which inspired me to focus on female perspectives in art at Museum Ludwig. Throughout history, women in art faced significant challenges—often overlooked and undervalued. Until the end of World War I, women were barred from state art academies, and their creative abilities were doubted. Despite these obstacles, artists who are part of the permanent Ludwig collection like Paula Modersohn-Becker and Gabriele Münter produced remarkable works.

Mark your calendars for ArtTalk on September 6th:
“Female Artists of the 20th Century—New Perspectives”

Wishing you a rejuvenating summer filled with art! I look forward to seeing you in September at Museum Ludwig!

Artfully yours,

Karla Schlaepfer

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