ArtTalk Nil Yalter: Exile is a hard Job

Museum Ludwig

Rewind to the last ArtTalk: 300 Years of American Art. We engaged with a huge variety of artistic outcomes resulting from mass immigration and pioneer movements in the US. Museum Ludwig’s new show provides a convenient bridge to our current realities. Nil Yalter’s delivers a powerful artistic investigation of immigration here in Europe. A different kind of pioneer, she experimented with technical tools – like video – way before it was considered in. She integrates the voices of her subjects in a totally unique and lyrical manner. A must-see first retrospective

Red, White and Blue: American Independence Day and ART USA!

Museum Ludwig

The next 1. Thursday ArtTalks is American Independence Day, July 4th!

This is an opportunity to dive into art of USA folk, those that emigrated there, and continue what we began in the 300 Years of American Art show.

Why this fascination about so many Americans? What is fact? What is folklore? Can we discover artistic patterns and shared personality traits in the art of American men and women?

Museum Ludwig has a new hanging of their world-famous Pop Art collection and it looks fantastic. The American Abstract Expressionists are begging to be re-examined with the question – what is “great” about these “American” artistic expressions (besides their size)?

Come join us and find out about the pioneer energy in all of us! The 4th of July is the day of days to take another look, to engage and to ask and answer questions together. Is there a common American spirit or approach? And does this make for great art?

Good news for all Cologne citizens! In 2019, on the long Thursdays (open till 10 p. m.), you’ll get free entrance into all exhibitions. Bring address proof. Non-Kölners get a reduced price after 5 o’clock.

How important are Experimentation and Creativity in today’s fast world? What can we learn from artists that drive change?

Museum Ludwig

The whole process of entrepreneurship is rooted in creation and exploration of new ideas. There is a continuous and conscious effort required to look for innovative niches and undertake the risks in entering them. Yes, creativity is one of the skills that gains in value for our New Work age and it is vital. Creative thinking, mindset shifts and different perspectives; these approaches are not only important for business but are really the artists´ daily bread.

The artistic mind and efforts revolve around the creation of new artistic ideas, shaping their expression and looking for opportunities to give form to that which drives him or her to create. In this post-Halloween ArtTalk, we’ll explore the creative (and spiritual?) drive or flow. And how this flow informs the work of both entrepreneurs and artists. We’ll take some famous examples of both, examine possible connections and ask lots questions. Some artists and movements that we’ll explore in Museum Ludwig are Yves Klein, the Surrealists and the master chameleon Pablo Picasso. “Transcorporealities” is the title of the new show at the Ludwig and I’ll incorporate the wonderful room by the New York artist Nick Mauss.

I’m quite excited about this ArtTalk. Come share my enthusiasm on November 7th Bring your thoughts and engagement and join us at Museum Ludwig!

Inside Rembrandt. 1606–1669

Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud

“Painting is the grandchild of Nature.”

Rembrandt Van Rijn

Master, virtuoso, genius or star - the synonyms for Rembrandt are as diverse as his art, which inspires people all over the world. But why is that so? This Rembrandt homage recalls the 250th anniversary of his death. The show plunges deeply into the world of the famous Dutchman and shows a turbulent and colorful artist's life and those Rembrandt worked with in Holland. This is a go-to show! With international loans, exquisite etchings and intimate drawings it is not to be missed.

Rembrandt (Harmensz. van Rijn), Brustbild eines Mannes in orientalischem Kostüm (Detail), 1633, Öl auf Holz, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Alte Pinakothek, München