Fascination with the moon

ArtTalk  May 7 , 2009  6:30 pm

“The Moon”

Museum Wallraf-Richartz

Why are we so fascinated with the moon? Poets and songwriters sing its praise, lovers embrace in its soft light, scientist probe its surface, and even canines howl their laments to the glowing orb. The exhibition “The Moon” in the Wallraf-RichartzMuseum celebrates  manifold representations of the moon – from Galileo to Apollo 13, from prominent oil paintings to photography and  concept art. In this year of astronomy 2009, the show impresses with 150 diverse material and art objects and  presents an illustrious parcours in which science and art merge. In this ArtTalk, we´ll explore cultural notions and ideas of enchantment which revolve around the moon and read excerpts of literature and poetry evoked by the “queen of the night sky”.