Isa Genzken

ArtTalk, September 3, 2009 6:30 pm

Isa Genzken, “Open Sesame”

Museum Ludwig

Open the door to sculpture today in Germany!

Major German artist Isa Genzken´s use of materials is fascinating, refreshing and a bit repelling. Glitzy forms, photography combined with everyday household utensils roughly painted and reworked. Colorful kitsch collages and basic architectural forms in concrete and resin – A modern day mix of ecstasy and mania. Genzken casts a nasty ironic reflection on our very material culture.
In this ArtTalk, we´ll visit the new retrospective show in Museum Ludwig, consider Ms Genzken´s controversial plastic works and come up with some of our own interpretations to Isa Gensken´s models for Ground Zero in New York City.