Jochen Lempert

ArtTalk, June 3, 2010, 4:00 pm

“Animals and Creepy Insects – the Photography of Jochen Lempert”

Museum Ludwig

Tiny creepy insects, swarms of sea birds in geometric formations, graffiti made by fireflies, billowing clouds, photosynthesis – the photography of Jochen Lempert offers a subtle and composed look at the natural wonders found around us. The careful contrasts created by Lempert in these black and white photographs are reminiscentof careful studio work, not unstudied pictures taken outdoors in wind and weather and on his travels throughout the world. After looking at the highlights of Lempert’s work, I’d like to identify with you some of his main ideas on animals and insects in nature and in urban settings. We’d contrast this with other animal paintings and sculptures in the Ludwig collection. Good platforms for comparison are paintings by the Expressionist Franz Marc and (surprise!) the serial photographs of Gerhard Richter.