Alfred Sisley

ArtTalk, November 3, 6.00 pm

The True Impressionist

Von der Heydt Museum

The English citizen Alfred Sisley once wrote that the real artist seeks to “to give life to a work of art”. Sisley’s precise depiction of atmospheric changes show his mastery of color and tone nuances – the skies, tress and rivers shimmer seem to come to life and glow in light. We’ll examine how Sisley makes his painting come alive, and his deserved, yet unrecognized, place among the best Impressionist painters. This brilliant retrospective of Sisley’s work is being shown for the first time on such a large scale in Germany. Come join us and discover Sisley’s English roots in Wuppertal! This is another blockbuster show from the surprisingly vital and very active jewel of a museum next door to Cologne.