Museum 2.0

Nina Simon is the creator of the Museum 2.0 website. She is now the director of the Art and History Museum in Santa Cruz but for a long time she worked free-lance and as a consultant. She is a visionary who see museums as places for community conversations and where meaningful and personal dialogues can take place. She has written a book called The “The Participatory Museum” and truly practices what she preaches. I referred to her transformation of the concept “museum” in my thesis and I know there are many who see the museum as a holy sanctum but not only has she turned the museum she runs around and increased the number of visitor by a whopping 40 percent but again and again she sets off important discussions on the future use of public museum. Her contention is that great museums stimulate a “ripple effect” that increases the quality of life in that area. Not because art is inherently good but because the museum helps revitalize neighbourhoods, makes a more connected community and attracts visitors, tourists and schools which adds value (also economically) to the region. She writes candidly, with compelling arguements and is a sharp observer with a wacky sense of humor. Check out her website and blog!