Impressionists Reloaded in the WallrafGuest Blogpost by Veronika Klar 🌞

Thank you Karla for the possibility to step out for a while of everyday life and dive into the colorful world of Impressionists

Dear ArtTalkers,

A big heartfelt thanks to Veronika for taking the time to write a guest blog post and to Anke for her pictures covering the November 3 ArtTalk 🥰🌞

You’ll find more ArtTalk pictures in the picture gallery here🥰

Here are Veronika’s positive impressions:

Although I already knew a bit about the Impressionists, this ArtTalk sharpened my view of their art and opened it up to new perspectives.

I must admit – normally I would have not been much interested in Gustave Courbet’s “Das Jagdfrühstück” – but Karla’s way to explain this painting and her information about the artist, his life, character and his times helped me to see it with different eyes.

The same goes for the other painters we looked at, another painting by Courbet, Monet, Caillebotte, and the group of pointillists.

Karla’s questionnaire at the end of the ArtTalk got the group talking to each other and allowed us to share our experiences.

That’s something I also really like about ArtTalks!

Thanks again!

Veronika Klar

Thank you Veronika! What about the others, do you have impressions that you would like to share as a short Guest blog post? Let me know

Artful wishes, Karla