“Ursula” Bluhm Retrospective: ArtTalks in Museum LudwigWhat’s in Pandora’s box and your feedback to Ursula’s artwork

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Dear ArtTalkers Community,

Opening Pandora’s box …

I’m delighted that Ursula’s work sparked such positive reactions!

For the first time since her death in 1999, Ursula Bluhm, called just “Ursula”, is featured in a solo exhibition. My goal for these ArtTalks was to create excitement, understanding and provide ways to appreciate this complex artist. I think it worked 😉

Thank you 💗 to you ArtTalkers who expressed reactions to “Ursula” work on the blue cards!

Here are the results:

A great introduction to a visionary artist with very modern ideas. Forward-looking and apart from the mainstream. Strong and indomitable.

An artist who doesn’t care what the critics say. She just does her own thing!

Be yourself.

Very touching!

It looks like a metamorphosis of different worlds and experiences. One drifts from fantasy to reality.

Fantastically detailed paintings. You need to get close to fully appreciate the effort involved in their creation.

Ultimate independence.

Painted in a very special manner, with beautiful colors but also a little bit scary sometimes.

Wow! Ursula’s Pandora’s Box is so multi-layered and surprisingly deep.

Even though Ursula is showing us her nightmares, her art is not frightening because of the colors she’s using. Love the colors!

I wonder why her work hasn’t been shown earlier – it is so different! I shall come again.

Such an impressive artist! I loved her fascinating many-sided works! And I cannot believe that I had never heard of her, although I lived in Cologne since the beginning of the 80s when she was still working. I am certainly going to see this exhibition again.

Surprisingly playful and definitely unique.

I love the beautiful colors.

Unconcealing the concealed.

Die komplexeste Welt der Frau 😊

BIG shout out to 💐 Anke, Christof, Marty, Fitz and Ulla who sent me pictures. Check them out on the ArtTalks website “Impressions”. Special 💗 thanks to Claudia for her support.

Thank you 🙏🏻all for your engagement and enthusiasm!

Artfully yours,
Karla Schlaepfer

You still have a chance to visit an “Ursula” ArtTalk!

On Wednesday, April 19 at 10:15 h there is a further Ursula ArtTalk.


Session 1: 19.04.2023, 10:15 o’clock (Register here via email)


Museum Ludwig, Heinrich-Böll-Platz, 50667 Köln


20€ + 5€ for headsets and special exhibition fee; Museum entrance fee applies.

Please transfer the ArtTalk fee with your registration a week before the ArtTalk. If you pay and cannot attend, let me know where I can transfer your money back to you.

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