🎨📸 ArtTalks at Museum Ludwig CologneAugust 3 Wrap-Up on the show “Image/CounterImage”

Dear ArtTalk Community 👋🌍

On August 3, we had amazing ArtTalks sessions at Museum Ludwig. The intimate setting was perfect for our two groups, as the Foto cabinet provided a cozy space for our discussion. With limited space, it felt like an exclusive gathering of art enthusiasts. 😄

Here Gisela’s contribution 🥳

“Thank you Karla for the inspirational tour of the Museum Ludwig Photography collection and the Foto Lab! This selection of featured works spanned the last 50 years with some recent additions. The curator Ms Engelbach focussed on female artists who simultaneously functioned as their own models: naked (Terrah Krajunak), erotic (C.M. Weems), wondering (Ana Mendieta), almost smothered by male architecture (Valie Export). The information you provided on their lives and motives was very insightful and made the art more accessible, as always!”

— Gisela Rumpff-Zimmermann

The AT session with a short introduction to the museum’s impressive photography collection. 📷 I highlighted the key concepts underpinning the thought-provoking “Image/Counter Image” exhibition, thoughtfully curated by Barbara Engelbach. 🎤

The works all challenging in some form exclusionary mainstream versions of established norms.

Among the topics touched upon:

And the ever-present topic of the model, muse and maker!

The photographic series from these multi-media female artists provided a fresh perspective and stirred thought-provoking conversations. 💭

Thank you ArtTalkers for sharing your insights, and contributing to the fruitful, yet dense discussions. 🗣️🤝 Toward the end of the Talk, we all headed to the Foto Lab for a hands-on and fun practice with the camera obscura. 📸🔍 It was a delightful experience, bringing us closer to the roots of photography and appreciating the magic behind it. 🌟

I’m already looking forward to the next Arttalk on September 7th. It will take place in the lower floor of Museum Ludwig’s with highlights from the new contemporary art show.

I’m excited to explore more exciting art and engage in even more thought-provoking discussions! 😄

Remember, you don’t need to be fluent in English to join ArtTalks. Art is a universal language that transcends barriers, and I warmly welcome non-English speakers to be a part of our diverse ArtTalk community. 🌍🎨❤️

See you on September 7th! 🎉👋

Artful wishes,
Karla Schlaepfer