Once Upon a Time on December 7: Discovering Füsun Onur’s Remarkable Art at Museum Ludwig„Karla’s inspirational🌟 talk transported me into an art world that was previously unknown. It has left a lasting impression”

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Hello Art Lovers,

This is an invitation to set off on an artistic journey through the artistry of Füsun Onur, a Turkish artist whose work transcends boundaries and defies categorization. Don’t miss out on this special contemporary art retrospective in the temporary exhibition space in Museum Ludwig!

🌟 “Once upon a Time: Exploring Füsun Onur’s Art” 🌟

All O-Ton quotes here are from the November ArtTalkers:

“I loved the different perspectives in her art. Being “in” an artwork as well as “under” or surrounded by it.”

💙 Blue, reminiscent of the Bosphorus, dances through her installations, collages, and sculptures, infusing them with a calm beauty. Her pieces can be quite poetic, often echoing the harmonies of music, much like “Counterpoint with Flowers.”

🌌 Questions of time and space resurface in her art, inviting us to ponder how illusions of depth are born on flat surfaces. It’s an exploration of the very essence of sculpture itself.

💙 As we explore her works and installations, we’ll uncover a poetic tapestry woven with references to her life, music 🎵, textiles, miniature worlds, and even hints of Alice in Wonderland.

Füsun Onur’s art is an intriguing story waiting to be discovered.

“Eine unglaubliche Fülle and unterschiedliche Herangehensweisen, Räume zum Traumen und kleine Werke die verblüffen, z. B „Water on the Sidewalk“ Karla’s Arttalk macht auch diese Ausstellung von Füsun Onur zu einer ganz besonderen Erfahrung.“

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„eine in Deutschland eher unbekannte Künstlerin – nicht so ganz zugänglich. Karla’s Erklärungen und Erfahrung in Füsun’s Kunst bringen sie mir nahe, neue andere Einsichten. In jeder Hinsicht ein Gewinn!”

Artful greetings,

Karla 🎨📚✨

For pictures of the morning November AT on Füsun Onur, have a scroll down the main AT page to the updated pictures now in the ArtTalk Impressions.

If you’re interested in background information on the artist in German, here is a FAZ article about the Museum Ludwig show by the art critic Georg Imdahl


Session 1: 07.12.2023, 18:30 o’clock (Register here via email)

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Museum Ludwig, Heinrich-Böll-Platz, 50667 Köln


Regular ArtTalk 25€ (includes Füsun Onur extra fee) ; Kids/Students 7€; KölnTag: 1st Thursday monthly, explore museums free with Cologne ID. Non-Kölners museum entrance from 17 Uhr: 7€💰

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📍 Meet in the central foyer near the column with the blue dot 🌐a few minutes before we begin. Large bags (bigger than A4) need to be checked. Any questions? Feel free to contact me, Karla Schlaepfer: info@art-talks.de 😊