Kasper König’s Personal Donation to Museum Ludwig1000 … Miles to the Edge. 50 Works of Art Given to Museum Ludwig

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Dear ArtTalker Community,

Join me on Thursday, February 1st for two ArtTalks, one in the morning or evening for an engaging session centered around Kaspar König’s donation to Museum Ludwig.

Kasper König claimed, “a museum is a storage space with showrooms” It is not an exaggeration to say, Kaspar König, 12 years head of Museum Ludwig, has shaped art discourse in Germany like no other. König contributed much to fostering a dynamic art community in Germany, marked by innovative exhibitions and a broadened public engagement with modern art. And although he claimed not to be a traditional collector, he amassed a large body of art. His 50-piece donation spans 50 years of contemporary art. It shows his fondness for Concept Art, Pop Art, and art with a sense of humor. We’ll explore art by big name artists and lesser household names. Many pieces bear personal dedications to König.💡👏🏻

And there’s more! Mark your calendars for March 07.

Our March ArtTalk opens the door to the “Collector’s Dreams” exhibition, showcasing gems by artists like Jan Brueghel the Elder (the ice skaters!) and interiors by Gerrit Dou. This private collection, generously loaned to the museum in 2022, includes still lives, landscapes, and genre paintings – a wonderful testament to Dutch Baroque art’s joy in narrative and technical brilliance. The artwork will become part of the Wallraff-Richart’s collection once the show closes.

What a fascinating journey this will be from one collector’s vision to another’s! First König in Museum Ludwig and then the anonymous Baroque donation in the Wallraf 🥳☺️

Exploring these collections is like traveling from one visionary’s world to another, highlighting the impact and dedication of art collectors.

Looking very much forward to sharing these art experiences with you!

Artfully yours,

Tips and Insights

Listen to a 6 minute German podcast WDR3 Resonanzen on Kaspar König’s donation

Here is an article on how British artists are making space for their own collections.

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Session 1: 01.02.2023, 10:30 o’clock (Register here)
Session 2: 01.02.2023, 18:30 o’clock (Register here)

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