Women in Art: Celebrating New PerspectivesUnveiling the Stories of Female Artists at Museum Ludwig

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Dear ArtTalkers,

In a world where male artists have traditionally dominated the spotlight, the powerful and inspiring stories of female artists are finally being celebrated for their significant contributions to art history.

Until the end of the First World War, women in Germany were not allowed to study at state art academies, and their creative aptitude was publicly questioned 🫤 Even in Paris, where art education was more accessible, female artists faced significant challenges in the early 20th century. Many women, such as Marie Laurencin and Suzanne Valadon, pursued their artistic education in Paris, often struggling to gain recognition and access to the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

Despite these adverse circumstances, many female artists were an important part of art making and innovative dialogues ⚡💪🏻

At the September 6th ArtTalk, I invite you to be inspired by the extraordinary stories of these artists and find out how the increasing recognition of female artists is gradually rewriting art history!

What to Expect at the ArtTalk on September 5th in Museum Ludwig

Art Selection: Please note that the selection of artworks for this ArtTalk will depend on what is currently on display at Museum Ludwig. This ensures a dynamic and relevant discussion based on the originals. More details coming soon 😉

Won’t you join us as we explore the remarkable contributions of European and Russian female artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries?

Artful greetings and sunny days!

Karla Schlaepfer

A Big Shout 📣 and thanks 💕to Dorothea who contributed a remarkable ArtTalk blog text on Roni Horn. You can read it here. The Roni Horn show is on August 11th.

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2024 ArtTalks on 1.Thursday of the Month.

September 5: Women in Art: New Perspectives

October 3: Chargesheimer. A Cologne Photographer Pioneer

November 7: Revolutionary Fluxus and Be­yond – Temporary New Show

December 5: Honoré Daumier, Humorful Graphics in the Wallraf


Session 1: 06.09.2024, 10:30 o’clock (Register here via email)
Session 2: 06.09.2024, 18:30 o’clock (Register here via email)

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Museum Ludwig, Heinrich-Böll-Platz, 50667 Köln


ArtTalk 💰adult 25€, kids and artists 5€

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Further information: We’ll meet in the middle of the central foyer, near the column with the 🔵 Remember large bags (bigger than an A4 piece of paper) must be checked. Feel free to reach out to me Karla Schlaepfer: info@art-talks.de if you have any questions🤗